Our Services

Daytime Dog Walks - $25

We will provide a one on one walk with your dog. Each visit is approximately 30 minutes.

In Home Dog Sitting - $25 per 30 minute visit

Your dogs can enjoy the comfort of home while you are away. We will come to your home a predetermined number of times to walk, feed, provide water, play, and love your dogs. We can also bring in mail, newspaper, alternate lights and blinds, and water up to five plants at no additional charge. Each visit is approximately 30 minutes.

Kitty and Small Animal care - $25 per 30 minute visit

We will take care of your cats and any small animals when you are away. We will come to your home a predetermined number of times a day to feed, provide fresh water, scoop the litter box, and play with your cats or other small animals. We can also administer medication, brush or anything else needed. We will be happy to bring in mail, newspaper, water up to five plants, and alternate lights for home security at no additional charge.

Pet Taxi - $35 per hour

We will take your pets to their appointments Veterinarian, Groomer etc. This service will be customized to your own needs and priced accordingly.

Concierge Services

Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing - $20 per litter box

Dirty litter is emptied and disposed of. The litter box is then scrubbed and sanitized and refilled per your instructions.

Toy Washing & Sanitizing - $20

Hard chew toys are soaked in a solution of 50% hot water and 50% vinegar. They are then scrubbed to remove any stubborn debris.

Full Plant Watering Service - $25

Up to 5 indoor plants is included in your basic service, but do you have more plants or gardens that need attention while you’re gone? If so, we’re here for you!

Shopping Service - $30 per hour

Maybe you need a Birthday gift picked up or maybe you need more pet food. Count on us. We’ll get it for you. We’ll travel up to 10 miles from your home.

Pharmacy Pickup - $22

We’ll make a trip to your pharmacy and get what you need. Your pharmacy needs to be within 8 miles from your home.

Vacuum Service - $30

Isn’t it nice to return home to a just vacuumed house? Have your sitter vacuum it for you. The cost is for a home up to 3000 square feet. If you have a bigger home that you would like vacuumed we can evaluate and provide you with a quote.